Freshwater Fisheries Hatchery Partners

Maryland DNR Fisheries Service Hatcheries Division cooperates with a diverse collection of partners to accomplish program goals.


Maryland Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office (MDFWCO) cooperates with Maryland Department of Natural Resources on many projects. Questions concerning the involvement of Maryland Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office (MDFWCO) in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources restoration projects should be addressed to:

Steve Minkkinen
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Maryland Fisheries Resource Office
177 Admiral Cochrane Dr.
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
(410) 263-2604
Maryland Fisheries Resource Office

University of Maryland Logo 

The University of Maryland operates several departments that are in cooperation with various aspects of Freshwater Fisheries and Hatcheries Division restoration programs.

The Center for Environmental Science Chesapeake Biological Laboratory is cooperating in Atlantic sturgeon research.

The Center for Environmental Science Horn Point Laboratory is cooperating in alosine restoration and Atlantic sturgeon research. For additional information on the University of Maryland go to:​

Sportfish RestorationSport Fish Restoration Logo


Shad restoration work is funded in part by Sportfish Restoration Act grant F-57-R. Corrective stocking and trout stocking is funded in part by Sportfish Restoration Act Grant F-53-D

Mettiki Coal, LLC

Mettiki Coal, LLC is Maryland’s largest producer of bituminous coal and is a subsidiary of Alliance Coal LLC/Alliance Resource Partners. They cooperate with Maryland Department of Natural Resources by operating a trout culture facility in their discharge waters. Questions concerning Mettiki Coal, LLC's involvement in cooperative trout culture should be addressed to:

293 Table Rock Road
Oakland, Maryland 21550
 (301) 334-3952

Inquiries for matters relating to the Hatcheries Division can be directed to:

Charles P. Stence
Warmwater Hatcheries Manager
(410) 643-6788 x2114 (office)

Marshall Brown
Coldwater Program Manager
(301) 393-5940 (office)

​or E-mail Customer Service.