Fee Fishing Lake Permits

The Fee Fishing Lake Permit allows permission to provide fishing opportunities for pay on privately-controlled lands and waters. The permit allows paying customers to catch and keep fish (to the limits of the pond or lake rules) without needing to obtain a Maryland Recreational Fishing License. Homeowner associations may also utilize the Fee Fishing Lake Permit to allow association members to fish their common lake or pond without needing to obtain individual recreational fishing licenses.

An application form for the Fee Fishing Lake Permit is available below, and can be submitted electronically. A map of the fishing location must be included with an initial permit application. Permits are issued annually, for a $25 fee payable by check or money order, or electronically through our online payment system . The organization receiving the permit must be listed on an electronic payment.

Fee Fishing Lake Permit Application

Electronic Payment Site for Fee Fishing Lake Permit

Fee Fishing Lake Permit Online Application

Applications or inquiries may be sent to: paylakes.dnr@maryland.gov

List of current Fee Fis​hing Lakes open to the public ​