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Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park

Harriet Tubman Grand Opening

June 8, 2019


Thank you to all those who organized and all who attended this event!
You helped to make it a success.

Here are some statistics about the Innaugural Freedom and Fishing Snakehead Derby:

  • There were 107 registered participants.
  • There were 25 northern snakehead caught and harvested between 9 am and 2 pm.
  • The largest snakehead caught and harvested was 10.68 lbs.

Josh Newhard from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Joseph Love from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, answer questions on impacts from the introduction of snakehead and actions that can be taken to minimize those impacts.


Caz Kenny (Snakeheadlife.com) guided many people on how to fish for snakeheads at the pond.  

Branson Williams from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, gave several demonstrations on how to fillet snakeheads.

The prize for biggest bag of snakehead (18.98 lbs) went to Mr. Dustin Stem; he won a Maryland Park Passport, $30 in Bass Pro Shops gift cards, and a Snakehead Control ballpark cap.

The prize for biggest snakehead (8.95 lbs) went to Rafael Ramos; he won $50 in Bass Pro Shops gift cards and a Snakehead Control ballpark cap.  

There were 5 door prizes that included fish posters, Snakehead Control ballpark caps, snakeheadlife.com stickers, and tackle from Denton Rod and Tackle.



Fish fillets, cooked fish samples, and several fish print shirts were provided as well to attendees. 

View more photos of this event. 


Prizes and giveaways provided by Maryland Department of Natural Resources,
United States Fish and Wildlife Service and Denton Rod and Tackle


Sponsored by Denton Rod and Tackle


​The Purpose of the Snakehead Fishing Derby

Raise awareness about snakeheads.
Remove any snakeheads that are caught.

Accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be provided upon request. Seven days advance notice is requested.​ Limited fishing gear may be available to borrow.