Greenbrier Lake

Located in Washington County

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Greenbrier lake

​Physical/ Habitat Description - Greenbrier Lake is a 29 acre impoundment in Greenbrier State Park with a maximum depth of 35 feet. Rocky banks, fallen trees, and submerged aquatic vegetation provide abundant cover. In addition, artificial habitats such as Christmas trees and pallet structures have also been added.​

Fish Species - Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fishing and Boating Services manages Greenbrier Lake for warmwater species, primarily largemouth bass and panfish: bluegill, redear sunfish, and black crappie, under statewide regulations. An abundant population of largemouth bass exists, however few are over twelve inches in length. Bluegill and redear sunfish from eight and ten inches are fairly common. Adult trout are stocked during the spring and fall to provide a popular put-and-take resource.​​

Access/Restrictions - Gas motors are prohibited; electric motors are permitted. Bring your own boat (electric trolling motors only) or rent rowboats and paddleboats by the hour during the summer. A paved boat ramp with a dock is available within the park. However, the ramp is located in the back of a very shallow cove, which can make access to the main lake difficult if the water level drops. Fishing is allowed along the entire shoreline with the exception of the beach area. Ice fishing is permitted and is popular with anglers targeting stocked trout and panfish species. Camping and a swimming beach are also available.​​

Recent Surveys -

Greenbrier Lake was last surveyed in 2021. A mark-recapture population estimate was conducted that estimated 1579 largemouth bass equal to or greater than eight inches in length reside in the lake; that's 27 bass for every 100 feet of shoreline! Management efforts are underway to remove excess juvenile largemouth bass to improve growth and produce larger fish in the lake.

Greenbrier Lake Largemouth Bass Population Metrics from 2021 Surveys
​​Number of fish observed during study
​Population Size Distribution (PSD)
​Fish per hour less than 8 inches
​Fish per hour between 8-12 inches
​Fish per hour greater than 12 inches
​Total fish per hour

​Greenbrier Lake Fish Species​
​Largemouth bass​
​Micropterus salmoides
​Lepomis macrochirus
​Redear sunfish
​Lepomis microlophus
​Black crappie
​Pomoxis nigromaculatus​

Redear Sunfish

Redear sunfish (Lepomis microlophus)

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