Recent Efforts by the Commission

A photo of downtown Annapolis parking area which is flooded.In 2015 and 2016, the Commission worked with the Town of Oxford to complete an anecdotal, geographic and programmatic assessment of the community in order to identify risks and solutions to coastal hazards. The process and outcomes of this partnership are available in the form of a guidance document for local planners, available here: Coastal Resilience Planning Guide

The Commission has provided property owners with a fact sheet to understand their risks and provide best management practice solutions, available here: Coastal Resilience for Landowners Factsheet, as well as with sample planting plans, provided below, intended to help enforce and protect their shorelines. The final illustration demonstrates the importance of planted shorelines.

For Hardened

Resilient Planting Plan
for Bulkheaded Shoreline

For Natural

Resilient Planting Plan
for Natural Shoreline 

Illustration of Planted vs.
Non-Planted Shorelines

Storm Surge Impacts
Planting v. nonplanted buffers 

Commission staff are actively involved in community planning for coastal resilience on both the Eastern Shore and Western Shore. We want to hear about the challenges coastal residents, business owners and communities face and to work together to problem solve through innovative solutions within existing local Critical Area programs.