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articles_mbgi09102010.pdfMerging Blue and Green Infrastructure in Maryland (Coastal Services, Sept/Oct 2010)
articles_mdaowcsum2010.pdfMaryland Launches Coastal Atlas, Joins Atlantic Offshore Wind Consortium (The Maryland Natural Resource, Summer 2010)
articles_wcfall2010.pdfWinds of Change: Offshore Wind and Ocean Planning (The Maryland Natural Resource, Fall 2010)
articles_wacapr2009.pdfWatershed Assistance Collaborative - Working with Local Governments to Improve and Advance Water Quality in our Rivers and Bays (Municipal Maryland, April 2009)
articles_bcsum2009.pdfBecoming CoastSmart: Maryland Communities Prepare for Sea Level Rise (The Maryland Natural Resource, Summer 2009)
czmnewsjul11.pdfMaryland Builds Resilience to Climate Change through CoastSmart Communities (Coastal Management News, July 2011)
articles_ctgi05062009.pdfComing to Terms with Green Infrastructure (Coastal Services, May/June 2009)
articles_avihome.pdfAmmonia in the Chesapeake Bay from Poultry Houses Could Soon be Gone, New Technology Developed by AviHome, University Researchers Eliminates Ammonia (Mtech Impact Report 2010)
articles_oosum2009.pdfOur Ocean: States Partner to Protect and Manage the Mid-Atlantic (The Maryland Natural Resource, Summer 2009)
articles_mdslrais042009.pdfMaryland Advances Sea Level Rise Adaptation with Interactive Summit (Coastal Management News, April 2009)
articles_ampoultry.pdfEffectiveness of artificial floating wetlands to be measured (The Mid-Atlantic Poultry Farmer, June 14, 2011)
articles_ccslrapr2010.pdfOn a Collision Course with Sea Level Rise: Helping Maryland Communities Become CoastSmart (Municipal Maryland, April 2010)
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2008Crisfield_City.pdfA Strategic Revitalization Plan for the City of Crisfield (2008)
Comprehensive_Strategy.pdfComprehensive Strategy for Reducing Maryland’s Vulnerability to Climate Change - Phase I: Sea-level rise and coastal storms, Report of the Maryland commission on Climate Change Adaptation and Response Working Group (2008)
SeaLevel_AdaptationResponse.pdfMaryland at Risk - Sea-level Rise Adaptation & response (2008)
SeaLevel_Somerset.pdfSomerset County, Maryland - Rising Sea level Guidance (2008)
Annapolis_FIMS_eastport.pdfCity of Annapolis Flood and Inundation Mitigation Strategies - Eastport Area (2010)
SeaLevel_Worcester.pdfWorcester County, Maryland, Sea Level Rise Response Strategy (2008)
Annapolis_RRSLRnSSI.pdfCity of Annapolis Regulatory Response to Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Inundation (2011)
Collision_GS.pdf“On a Collision Course with Sea Level Rise: Helping Maryland Communities Become CoastSmart”, By Gwen Shaughnessy (2010)
Talbot_CMTV.pdfTalbot County - Coastal Management for Traditional Villages (2011)
AASLRStrategicPlan_final.pdfSea Level Rise Strategic Plan Anne Arundel County - Final (2011)
GCC_MD-SLROrdRpt_FINALv3_11-2011.pdfA Model Sea-Level Rise Overlay Zone For Maryland Local Governments (2011)
AASLRStrategicPlan.pdfSea Level Rise Strategic Plan Anne Arundel County – Phase I Report: Vulnerability Assessment (2010)
asealevelrise.pdfA Sea Level Rise Response Strategy for the State of Maryland (2000)
Allen_ClimateAction.pdf“Climate Action at the Local Level”, by Gary C. Allen (2010)
General_Instructions.pdfCoastSmart Role Play General Instructions: “Building CoastSmart Communities: How Will Maryland Adapt to Climate Change?” (2009)
2008Crisfield_Technical.pdfThe 2008 Crisfield Strategic Revitalization Plan – Technical Appendices (2008)
SETaskForce_finalreport.pdfState of Maryland Shore Erosion Task Force Final Report, January 2000
2003ec_SeaLevelRise.pdfThe Economic Cost of Sea Level Rise to Three Chesapeake Bay Communities (2003)
SeaLevel_Dorchester.pdfSea Level Rise: Technical Guidance for Dorchester County (2008)
collapse Section : Program Documents ‎(8)
MDCZMandEIS.pdfMaryland CZM Program Document and EIS
2010workplan.pdfChesapeake & Atlantic​ Coastal Bays Trust Fund SFY2012 Annual Work Plan
MD309AS_2011-15.pdfCoastal Zone Management Program Section 309 Assessment & Strategy (2011)
MD_309-A-S-2021-2025-Final.pdfCoastal Zone Management Program Section 309 Assessment & Strategy 2021-2025
MD309AS2006.pdfCoastal Zone Management Program Section 309 Assessment & Strategy (2006)
NOAA_MDCMP.pdfNOAA Approval of Maryland Coastal Management Program
MD309AS2001.pdfCoastal Zone Management Program Section 309 Assessment & Strategy (2001)
Harford_Eco_DNR_Infosheet-2.pdfTrust Fund Restoration Partnership - Harford Soil Conservation District
collapse Section : Publications ‎(14)
Users-Guide-watershed-planning-MD.pdfA User's Guide to Watershed Planning in Maryland (2005)
SE_Natural_Approach_2007.pdfShoreline Erosion Control, the Natural Approach (2007)
00012830.pdfMaryland Streams - Take a Closer Look (2009)
sect54owners_sm.pdfLow Cost Shore Protection: A Property Owners Guide, USACE
FY2020-2022-TrustFundReport.pdfChesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund 2020 Annual Report & FY22 Expenditure Plan
setf_report.pdfState of Maryland Shore Erosion Task Force - Final Report (2000)
00006015.pdfWatershed-based wetland characterization for Maryland's Nanticoke River and coastal bays watersheds: a preliminary assessment report (2000)
CBSE_mguide.pdfChesapeake Bay Shoreline Erosion in Maryland: A Management Guide (2010)
Corsica_report.pdfCorsica River Targeted Initiative Progress Report: 2005-2011
njpmcar2659.pdfVegetation for Shoreline Stabilization in the Mid-Atlantic States, USDA
MWWC120208finalversion2.pdfMaryland Working Waterfront Commission Final Report (December 2008)
Shoreerostext.pdfShore Erosion Control Guidelines for Waterfront Property Owners, 2nd Edition (2008)
coastalland_conserv_md.pdfCoastal Land Conservation in Maryland - Targeting Tools andTechniques for Sea Level Rise Adaptation and Response (November 2012)
cbassessment.pdfAn Assessment of the Economic Value of the Coastal Bays' Natural Resources to the Economy of Worcester County, Maryland (2001)
collapse Section : Trust Fund Annual Reports and Expenditure Plans ‎(12)
Trust_Fund_Annual_Report_FY20.pdfFY20 Annual Report & FY21 Expenditure Plan
Trust_Fund_Annual_Report_FY19.pdfFY19 Annual Report & FY20 Expenditure Plan
Trust_Fund_Annual_Report_FY18.pdfFY18 Annual Report & FY19 Expenditure Plan
TrustFund_Annual_Report_2017.pdfFY17 Annual Report & FY18 Expenditure Plan
TrustFund_WP2016_YearEight_FY16_FY17.pdfFY16 Annual Report & FY17 Expenditure Plan
TrustFund_WP2015-YearSeven_FY15_FY16.pdfFY15 Annual Report & FY16 Expenditure Plan
TrustFund_WP2014-YearSix_FY14_FY15.pdfFY14 Annual Report & FY15 Expenditure Plan
TrustFund_WP2013-YearFive_FY13_FY14.pdfFY13 Annual Report & FY14 Expenditure Plan
TrustFund_WP2012-YearFour_FY12_FY13.pdfFY12 Annual Report & FY13 Expenditure Plan
TrustFund_WP2011-YearThree_FY11_FY12.pdfFY11 Annual Report & FY12 Expenditure Plan
TrustFund_WP2010-YearTwo_FY10_FY11.pdfFY10 Annual Report & FY11 Expenditure Plan
TrustFund_WP2009-YearOne_FY09_FY10.pdfFY09 Annual Report & FY10 Expenditure Plan