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Black Bear​​​

Hunters Harvest 103 Black Bears

Hunters harvested 103 black bears during the state’s 19th annual black bear hunt held Oct. 24-29 in Allegany, Frederick, Garrett, and Washington counties. The harvest comprised 41 male and 62 female bears.​


Guide to Hunting & Trapping

The complete guide to the 2022–2023 hunting year. Our team has been working hard to ensure your experiences afield will be enjoyable, safe and successful. We look forward to sharing the remarkable variety of opportunities available across Maryland.
Angler holding a Rockfish​​​

Fishing Report​ - ​December 7th​

The Maryland Chesapeake Bay striped bass season closes at the end of the day on Saturday, December 10, after which striped bass fishing in the Bay and its tributaries will be limited to catch and release. The main stem of the tidal Potomac River will be open to striped bass fishing until December 31, with a two fish per day limit if the fish measure over 20 inches. Fishing in the state waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Coastal Bays remains open, with a 28-inch minimum.​

Landing Zone Maryland​​​

A guide for​ Veterans and families moving or retiring to Maryland. One of the landing zones is Ground Support. Getting outdoors, taking a hike, or exploring a historic site, are all ways to reduce stress, relax, and have fun. Learn about other Landing​ Zones here.

Buy Your Fishing License​​

​Our online COMPASS portal gives you 24/7 self service access to our entire product catalog of recreational licenses, permits and stamps.
Image of the app with hunters on a boat - Photo: Kimberley Kelly

Download the DNR App​​

AccessDNR is the official app from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for the State's outdoor enthusiasts.



​Picking the Perfect Holiday Tree

The freshest Christmas trees are found at choose-and-cut tree farms, and Maryland has many of them. You can search for tree farms at the ​​ Maryland's Best website.​ Christmas trees sold at lots, often run by churches, scout groups and other service organizations, can also be very fresh. Many local service organizations buy their cut trees from Maryland growers, and these trees tend to be fresher yet.

Tips for the Perfect Tree​​​​​