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​Currently there are over 1,200 Licensed Tree Experts in Maryland.

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This form is for persons wishing to make a complaint against a person or company they believe did not perform the work they proposed; or for someone to make a complaint against a person or company they believe is not properly licensed to perform tree care/removal work. Please print and fill in the form then mail it to the appropriate address at the bottom of form.

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Who must have​ a license?

All tree care professionals practicing in Maryland must obtain a license. Without a license, they may not practice or advertise tree care services in the state. To obtain a license, the applicant must possess adequate and related college education plus one year of experience under a LTE or have three years experience under a Licensed Tree Expert (LTE), then have passed an exam and carry adequate amounts of liability and property damage insurance. The license is a two year license renewed in December.

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