Power Plant Research Advisory Committee

Power Plant Research Advisory Committee

The Power Plant Research Advisory Committee is an advisory body to the Department of Natural Resources Secretary. The committee's main tasks are to review the goals, policy practices and major directions of the Power Plant Research Program. Appointment is by the Secretary and terms are indefinite.

Authority: Natural Resources Code 3-303 and 1-102(d)

Agency Affiliation: Resource Assessment Service

Kenneth M. Capps - Senior Vice President, SMECO
Peter M. Dunbar, P.E., Ph.D. - Former Director, PPRP

Susan T. Gray
Department of Natural Resources
Power Plant Assessment Division
Tawes State Office Building
Annapolis, MD 21401

Energy Storage Work Group - Meeting - July 18, 2017

General Meeting - May 17, 2017

General Meeting - October 4, 2016

General Meeting - March 7, 2016