Maryland Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Study Work Group

The Maryland General Assembly passed legislation (HB1414) during the 2017 legislative session that directs Power Plant Research Program to conduct a study addressing the Renewable Portfolio Standard. Specifically, Power Plant Reseach Program is directed to conduct a comprehensive review of the history, implementation, overall costs and benefits, and effectiveness of the Maryland Renewable Portfolio Standard in relation to the energy policies of the State of Maryland, including the availability of all clean energy sources at reasonable and affordable rates, and including in-state and out-of-state renewable energy options.

Work Group Members


Work Group members will be composed of members of the Power Plant Research Advisory Committee and other interested parties. Please contact Power Plant Research Program at to express interest in participating in the work group.

Study Status


A presentation was provided to the semi-annual Power Plant Research Advisory Committee Meeting on November 15, 2017, updating the committee on the study’s status.

Two tasks are currently underway (1) whether the State is likely to meet its existing goals under the current Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and if the state were to increase those goals whether electricity suppliers should expect to find an adequate supply to meet the additional demand for credits; and (2) whether the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) is able to meet current and potential future targets without the inclusion of certain technologies.

The remaining tasks are the subject of a Request for Proposal issued by Power Plant Research Program.

In accordance with HB1414, the Power Plant Research Program shall submit an interim report by December 1, 2018 and a final report by December 1, 2019 to the Governor, Senate Finance Committee and House Economic Matters Committee.

Meeting Schedules/Agendas/Presentations/Minutes

Contact Information and Public Comments


Point of Contact

Susan T. Gray, Deputy Director
Power Plant Research Program
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Phone: 410-260-8660

Public Comment

The department is committed to assuring public participation and stakeholder involvement in all the department's activities through numerous programs that encourage public participation and public responsibility in order to achieve Maryland's goals.

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