Non-Toxic and Unlawful Shot

Non-toxic shot is required for hunting waterfowl and coots. Hunters may not use or possess nontoxic shot larger than size number T (0.20 inches in diameter) or use or possess any lead shot while hunting waterfowl and coots. The only shot approved as non-toxic by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (50 CFR 20) is bismuth shot, tungsten-nickel-iron (Hevi-shot), steel shot, tungsten-iron shot, tungsten-polymer, tungsten-matrix, tin and copper-plated, nickel-plated or zinc-plated steel shot for which the plating represents less than 1% of the shot's weight. Lead shot plated with copper, nickel, or other material does not qualify.

Note: Any non-toxic shot approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will be legal to possess and use in Maryland.

Non-toxic Shot Regulations