Maryland Wildlife Advisory Commission

The Maryland Wildlife Advisory Commission was created by legislation to advise the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources on wildlife matters. All nine members serve at the pleasure of the Governor of Maryland. The Wildlife Advisory Commission wants to hear your suggestions, criticisms and compliments on the management of Maryland's wildlife resources.

Wildlife Advisory Commission Members

Mr. Luen N. Compton, Jr. - Chairman
Ms. Tina R. Gregor - Vice-Chairwoman


Ms. Tina R. Gregor
Dr. Joseph T. Griffin
Ms. Stephanie L. Boyles Griffin
Mr. Erik T. Gulbrandsen
Mr. Steven W. Keithley
Mr. Joe Schroyer
Mr. Rand D. Weinberg

The next meeting will be August 21, 2019 in the C-1 conference room of the Tawes State Office building.

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Please send correspondence to:


Wildlife Advisory Commission
Department of Natural Resources Wildlife and Heritage Service
580 Taylor Avenue
Tawes State Office Building, E-1
Annapolis MD 21401-2352