Maryland Botanical Heritage Work Group

The goal of the work group was to identify obstacles to the preservation of Maryland's native plant species, such as biological invasions not prevented or controlled; fragmentation or destruction of habitat; and lack of data on loss of species. To improve the preservation of native plant species, the work group will consider using new innovations in biology, information systems, social networks, technology, marketing, education, and resilient systems theory. Further, the work group explored providing extension-style support to citizens working to preserve native plant species, and examined botanical conservation programs that work in other jurisdictions. Finally, the work group recommended how best to proceed in the preservation of native plant species, including setting goals, collecting data, addressing regulatory issues, promoting a profitable native plant and seed market in Maryland, and finding revenue sources.  View their full report below.

Click here for the 2014 Report of the Maryland Botanical Heritage Work Group

Maryland Botanical Heritage Work Group Members

Anne Francis

Charles (Chick) Rhodehamel

Christopher Frye

Denise Clearwater

Jil Swearingen

Karen Montgomery

Kirsten Johnson

Robert Trumbule

Sara Tangren

Shane Robinson

Wes Knapp

Department Support Staff

Jonathan McKnight

Gwen Brewer

Rich Norling

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Gwenda Brewer
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife and Heritage Service
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Tawes State Office Building, E-1
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