Maryland Archery in the Schools Program (MD NASP)

​​Getting Started


Basic Archery Instruction for Teachers is a one-day training session lasting about six hours.

​Schools interested in participating in the Maryland NASP program must:BIA_classroom.jpg

  • Send their teachers to a one-day training course which equips them, whether they have ever shot a bow or not, with the best archery techniques and concepts to teach basic archery, safely, to our young people. Download the application and send to the address provided. Training sessions will be held regionally as needed. To promote the reality of training students, the course is usually hosted in the gym of one of the teacher’s schools. It’s not uncommon for a school to send two or more teachers to a training session.

  • The instruction covers:

    • Safe range set-up
    • Determining dominant eye
    • Making a string-bow
    • 11 Steps to archery success, individual coaching skills development
    • Safety orientation
    • Practice on running the range
    • Practice teaching
    • Equipment nomenclature
    • Operation
    • Maintenance and repair.

A test is given and the teacher becomes certified by the National Archery in the Schools Program.


Basic Archery Instructor Packet

Each certified teacher receives a Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) packet. The training manual contains lesson objectives and teaching suggestions on how to conduct the lesson, materials and supplies requirements and a DVD showing how to make a string bow, determining the dominant eye and teaching the 11 steps to archery success. The packet also contains a string bow, and NASP whistle. The teacher must report on line all BAI activities annually.

Training is conducted by the Maryland Bowhunters Society Coordinator and/or another BAIT I or BAIT II level instructor. Training is provided at $30 per teacher and is usually conducted within the school’s county.

Click here for NASP Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) Application

  1. Selected applicants will be notified of the training session that is available to them.
  2. Attend the required training and pass test with a score of at least 80%.
  3. Purchase the required archery equipment. It can be purchased from NASP at a considerable discount. Go to equipment ordering on the NASP website​ to order or print off an order form.
  4. Teach Archery!!!

Click here for Participating Maryland Schools and Organizations​

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