Maryland Archery in the Schools Program (MD NASP)

Funding Your Archery in the Schools Program 

Wisconsin State Tournament, courtesy of Jon Gauthier
Below is a list of suggestions on possible funding sources for your school’s NASP program.

Your School

  1. Approach your school principal with a request for funds for this program. Many schools fund the program out of their yearly budget. When administrators are introduced to NASP and see how it positively it influences student attendance, behavior, self-esteem, confidence and on-task behavior, the administrators provide the funds.
  2. Approach your Parent Organization with a request to help you raise funds.
  3. Have student groups put on fund-raisers: cookie/bake sales, car washes, PC raffle, etc.


  1. Currently there are millions of dollars available through various physical education grants for which NASP is eligible. Most school systems have grant writers who can assist you with this. The disadvantage is that the grants may take 6 months to a year to be awarded.
    • PEP Grants
    • Family Resource Youth Service Centers
    • 21st Century Grants
    • Gear-Up Grants
    • After-School Alliances Grants
    • First Tee Grants
    • Drop-Out Prevention Programs
    • Grants that target disadvantaged students.

Conservation Groups

  1. Local conservation groups may provide funding assistance to local schools for the Maryland NASP.
    • Local Rod & Gun Club
    • Local Archery Clubs
    • State & Local National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Safari Club International Chapters
    • State Archery Organizations

Civic Organizations and Businesses

  1. Contact your local community businesses. Local merchants may sponsor a school through equipment purchase with their logos on the equipment such as the arrow curtain or equipment storage box.
    • Rotary
    • Ruritan
    • Kiwanis
    • Lions
    • Exchange
    • Elks
    • American Legion
    • VFW
    • Redman
    • Local banks
    • Local sporting goods stores


  1. Contact individuals - neighbors, co-workers, family members - who may be interested in investing in the future of our young people by contributing money.


  1. Plan a high-profile archery tournament to earn funds and gain publicity and community support for your program.
    • Contact a local archery shop or club and see if they would be willing to host a 3-D or indoor tournament with all proceeds going to a designated school for purchasing archery equipment.
    • Have your school host an archery tournament for the community.

If you need additional help in finding funds or if you have suggestions not listed here please contact Patricia Handy at 410-260-8537 or via e-mail: 

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