Stream Health

Help Survey Streams

Two people standing in a stream with a net looking down at the stream.

With over 10,000 miles of streams in Maryland, there is plenty to survey! To assist us in this effort, the Department of Natural Resources has developed the Stream Waders program in which interested citizens are trained and equipped to collect valuable data on the health of their stream. Since 2000, Stream Wader volunteers have sampled over 6,000 sites Statewide!

Stream Wader volunteers attend a training session with department biologists and then team up to sample sites where we are in need of more data. Priority is typically given to sites selected by watershed organizations, but volunteers are also able to choose sites that are of interest to them. Sampling takes place in March and April, and all equipment is provided. Stream Waders do not collect as detailed information as the Maryland Biological Stream Survey, but the information is extremely valuable and used in the Department of Natural Resources’ assessments and is published on this website.

For more information on the Stream Waders program, please contact the Stream Waders coordinator or visit the Stream Wader website.