Stream Waders

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Making a Difference in Maryland Waters

The goals of the Stream Waders Program are:

  • To increase the density of sampling sites for use in stream quality assessments.
  • To educate the local community about the relationship between land use and stream quality.
  • To provide quality assured information on stream quality to state,local, and federal agencies, environmental organizations, and others.
  • To improve stream stewardship ethics and encourage local action to improve watershed management.

Thank You!

Many thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who sampled during our 20-year program! The Stream Waders are no longer active, but the data collected will continue to be used in many capacities and shared with a diverse group of students, consultants, watershed protection groups, government agencies, and others. The dedication of our volunteers over the years made this work possible. We hope that everyone who participated also had a chance to benefit from the program, whether you were able to connect with other stream enthusiasts, learn about the life that can be found in a stream, or take a peek at how scientists study stream health.

​We hope our volunteers continue to explore Maryland's streams and seek other exciting opportunities to help support our natural areas.

Volunteer samples and location data have gone​ through a process similar to that used for the Maryland Biological Stream Survey for quality control and analysis. Data and reports that result from this process are available on the web in the online publications page.

Stream Waders 10 Year (2000-2009) Report.

Thank you all of the volunteers who slogged through the streams and endured frigid fingers to make it all possible!

Maryland Stream Waders 10 Year Report​​