Belt Woods Natural Environment Area

Belt Woods NEABelt Woods Natural Environment Area (NEA) is a 625-acre natural area managed by the Maryland Park Service in Prince George’s County. This significant forested area contains a designated National Natural Landmark of one of the last stands of old-growth hardwoods on the Atlantic Coastal Plain. The old growth oaks and tulip poplar trees include 200-year old trees over 140 feet tall. Prominent understory trees include flowering dogwood, spicebush, sweet haw and ironwood.

Nearly all of the acreage in Belt Woods is designated as a Maryland State Wildland​, providing additional protections to support the preservation of its wilderness nature within an urbanizing landscape. The area's fields and forests provide important nesting habitat for an exceptional population of neotropical songbirds, such as wood thrush, red-eyed vireo and Kentucky warbler.

Belt Woods Natural Environment Area (NEA) Strategic Management Plan

Public Access

Currently, there are no trails and very limited parking in the area. The property is open to visitors on a limited basis upon request by calling 410-974-2149 or emailing The Maryland Park Service is currently working on several projects related to the development and implementation of the restoration plan for the property. The restoration plan includes several tasks that are necessary to make the property safe for passive recreational use in the future.


Prince George's County
GPS 38.90505°N 76.76304°W


Belt Woods Natural Environment Area
c/o Sandy Point State Park
1100 East College Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21409


After a comprehensive analysis and review of existing activities and practices on the property, park managers, in consultation with wildlife biologists, decided to adopt a deer hunt program as a vital tool in ongoing efforts to manage the local population of white-tailed deer and protect the sensitive ecological features of the property.

Hunting Policy
Archery/Muzzleloader/Shotgun hunting for deer only is allowed in a 526-acre designated hunting area with free WHS permit (reservation required).

For additional information, see Southern Region Public Hunting Lands.​​​