Merkle Natural Resources Management Area Hunting

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The Free Public Hunting Permit (available on COMPASS) is required to hunt Merkle NRMA. All local, state, and federal laws apply. The Maryland Guide to Hunting and Trapping is available online here. The full regulation packets for the Free Public Hunting Permit can be found on the Southern Region Public Lands page.

  • Approximately 1300 acres are open for hunting on Merkle NRMA.
  • Only deer archery hunting is per​mitted.
  • Daily reservations are required and are made through the Myrtle Grove Wildlife Office by calling 301-743-5161.
  • A maximum of 20 hunters are permitted each day.
  • Parking is only allowed at the designated parking areas indicated on the map.
  • Deer hunting is permitted for the 2023-2024 season starting October 2, 2023 through the end of Primitive Season.
  • Hunting is permitted Monday through Saturday. No Sunday hunting is allowed.
  • Hunters may enter the hunting area 1.5 hours before sunrise and must be out by 1.5 hours after sunset.
  • A gate code is provided to hunters when a reservation is made.
  • The public land check code for Merkle NRMA is ​474.