Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park

Walking and Bicycling

The Talbot County side offers 25 acres of land extending upriver from the pier and there is a walking path along the Choptank River and Bolingbroke Creek. The Talbot side of the pier is one mile in length and the Dorchester side of the pier is ½ mile in length. Pets are allowed, as long as they remain leashed and you clean up any waste.

The pier is wheelchair accessible. Bicycles are permitted. E-bicycles must stay on main roads/parking lots, and are not permitted on the pier itself. Please see full MPS guidelines for e-bikes here.

Trail along the water, there are trees, stone bulkheads, a small beach and stone jettys
A view of the Choptank River from the trail. Photo credit: Angela Crenshaw, DNR

We ask you to “leave no trace” and leave the trail and pier clean. Please use the provided trash cans for any trash that you may have.

The trail and piers provide an excellent opportunity for wildlife observation, please see this page for more information.

We also participate in the yearly “First Day Hike,” more information can be found on our events page​.

Swimming is not permitted in the park.