North Point Battlefield State Park

​About the Battle of North Point

Coming immediately after a demoralizing American defeat at the Battle of Bladensburg and the subsequent burning by the British of the White House and other public buildings of Washington D.C., the tough resistance offered by Stricker's citizen soldiers at the Battle of North Point restored American morale.

Though the British dislodged the Maryland troops from their position and thus won the battle, the determined stand made by Stricker's Maryland militiamen against a superior force of 4,000 professional British soldiers, marines and seamen reinvigorated Americans' faith in the fighting spirit of their part-time army of citizen soldiers.

Along with the successful resistance of Fort McHenry against a British bombardment from sea over the next two days, the sharp fight at North Point demonstrated to the British that even after the loss of their national capital, America would not be easily subdued by force of arms.

From that day to this, the anniversary of the battle has been celebrated as Defender’s Day, a Maryland state holiday honoring those who risked their lives in America’s defense during our ‘Second War of Independence.’

A Commemorative Landscape