North Point State Battlefield

A Commemorative Landscape

The State Battlefield's landscape--open meadows on the east side, a copse of woods in the west, separated by a straight "battle line" walk, evokes the terrain experienced by the soldiers and sailors of 1814. Newly-seeded wildflower meadows symbolize the pastures over which the British had to march, without cover or concealment. The open stand of trees symbolizes the woodlands in which the Americans took cover to oppose them. The straight walkway evokes the lines of battle in which the soldiers stood and fought, massing their fire to give them the best possible chance of hitting the enemy with the deadly but often inaccurate lead shot fired by their muskets.

Eco-friendly Features

Wetlands, permeable parking and trail surfaces, and water gardens absorb and filter storm runoff. A boardwalk provides passage over environmentally sensitive areas. The "grow not mow” wildflower meadows not only commemorate the rural landscape of 1814, they also provide a haven for migratory birds, butterflies and other wildlife.