Park Quest 2021 - Susquehanna State Park

The Quest to Become a Birder

Rock Run Grist Mill

Quest information

Welcome to Susquehanna State Park! Quest participants will explore the Susquehanna River along the Lower Susquehanna Greenways Trail as they hunt for different bird species. Your Park Quest adventure will start in the Deer Creek Picnic Area, located on Stafford Road. From the Deer Creek Picnic Area parking lot, walk back to Stafford Road and turn left. You will see a bridge to your right. Walk across this bridge to reach the trailhead for the Lower Susquehanna Heritage Trail. Please be careful and watch out for traffic as you make your way to the trail.

You will be walking the trail from the trailhead to the Conowingo Dam. It is 2.5 miles in length, and follows along the Susquehanna River. Go as far as you wish, but be aware that the trail is not a loop. So turn around when you want to come back. As you walk, your job is to find as many birds as you can. Use your eyes as well as your ears! Give yourself points according to the list for each bird that you “find.” Finding can either be by sight or hearing.

Use the included picture guide (above, under "Print quest information") to identify the birds that you have found and add up your points on the checklist. Good luck with your bird hunt!

  • The Quest is available: May 1-October 31 from 9-Sunset. (10-sunset after Labor Day)
  • The Quest will begin at: The Deer Creek Picnic Area. 948 Stafford Road, Havre de Grace, Md.
  • Approximate Length of Time: To complete the entire trail 4 hours.
  • Length of Hike: 2.5 miles each direction
  • The hike is accessible for wheelchair and strollers.
  • Pets are permitted on a leash.

948 Stafford Road, Havre De Grace, md 21078

Driving Directions:
Take I-95 north or south to Route 155, exit 89. Proceed west on Route 155 to Route 161. Turn right on Route 161 and then right on Rock Run Road. Follow Rock Run Road to the park. Once in the park follow the signs to the Deer Creek Picnic Area. The Greenways Trail begins just past the Deer Creek Picnic Area where Stafford Road and Craig’s Corner Road meet.

General description of the park:
Located along the Susquehanna River valley with its heavy forest cover and rocky terrain, Susquehanna State Park offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. The park is home to some of the most popular mountain biking trails in Maryland and the river itself beckons fishermen and boaters alike. Susquehanna State Park also contains a family friendly campground with traditional campsites and cabins. History buffs will be drawn to the restored Rock Run Historic Area with its working gristmill, the Carter-Archer Mansion, Jersey Toll House and the remains of the Susquehanna & Tidewater Canal.

The river offers excellent fishing opportunities, including pike, perch, and bass for shoreline anglers or boating anglers who launch from the Lapidum Boat Ramp.