Maryland Department of Natural Resources Firewood Policy

Maryland Park Service Firewood Restrictions:

Campfire at a state parkDue to the potential threat of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), and other invasive beetles, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has prohibited the importation of personal firewood into all department owned and managed properties. Please do not bring firewood with you when visiting a Department of Natural Resources Property/Park. Please see the department's Firewood Policy below.

Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine

The EAB quarantine area has been extended, for complete details see the Quarantine Order. For more information regarding EAB please visit the Maryland Department of Agriculture web site:

Department of Natural Resources Firewood Policy

Policy Number: 07:01
Effective Date: May 22, 2007
Importation of Firewood into department Managed Campsites

This policy is intended to help reduce the risk of accidentally introducing the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). This insect is an exotic, invasive wood boring insect that has the potential to devastate the ash tree population and radically alter the forest composition. It has been found in parts of Maryland and nearby states and spreads most rapidly by way of the movement of infested wood products – logs and firewood.

This policy applies to all department owned or managed properties.

It is the policy of the Department of Natural Resources to prohibit the importation of firewood to campsites on DNR owned and managed lands from the campers’ private supply of firewood. Firewood must be purchased from the State Park, State Forest or Wildlife Management Area or from firewood vendors local to the campsite.

Effective immediately, the importation of personal firewood into department owned and managed State Parks, State Forests and Wildlife Management Areas is prohibited. The following steps will be taken:

  1. Prohibition will be a condition of the camping permit.
  2. A “Must Read” section on why the prohibition is in place will be part of the online reservation system.
  3. Educational flyers and posters will be produced, displayed and handed out as appropriate.
  4. Office of Communications and Marketing will produce a news release and place information on the DNR website.
  5. Visitors will be asked if they have brought firewood from home. If they have they will be asked to burn it as quickly as possible and asked not to bring it on their next visit. Repeat violators may have their camping permit revoked. Employees should use this as an educational opportunity.
  6. Local firewood vendors will be contacted to ensure their firewood is procured locally.
  7. All Forest Product Operators in Maryland will be sent a letter explaining the significance of the EAB problem and the importance of preventing the accidental introduction of EAB into uninfected areas.

This policy will remain in effect until further notice.