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2020 Park Quest Registration
Personal Responsibility & Waiver of Liability Agreement

The Maryland Park Service welcomes you to Park Quest. We are confident you will find it a great learning experience, both fun and challenging. When outdoors and participating in physical activities, safety is our bottom-line concern. The Maryland Park Service strives to provide safe places for your enjoyment and participation in Park Quest activities. For facilitated Park Quest activities staff members will discuss basic rules of safety and provide the instruction and equipment you need to participate safely in Park Quest activities. It is impossible for us to eliminate all risks; however, your commitment to following instructions and using sound personal judgment will contribute greatly to your well-being.

In order to be eligible for Park Quest, you must read and accept the complete Park Quest Personal Responsibility and Waiver of Liability Agreement below. Please read and check the box below that indicates you have read and understand these terms. Team Leaders must acknowledge understanding of these terms on behalf of the entire team and give consent for participants under 18 years of age.

  • We have read the above and we understand we will be participating in activities that involve periods of physical exertion, balancing, lifting, pushing, pulling and climbing. We know that all activities will be outdoors where we will need to watch for slippery and/or uneven footing, limbs and branches, insects, animals, and possible exposure to extreme weather.

  • We understand that we will not be forced to do any activity, and that despite reasonable precautions taken by the Department of Natural Resources, Maryland Park Service and its agents, a guarantee of absolute safety is impossible. We agree to exercise good personal judgment, to ask for help if we are concerned about our safety, and to be responsible for deciding if a proposed activity is appropriate for each team member.

  • We agree to comply with safety instructions given by the Maryland Park Service staff and to be responsible for our personal safety and well-being.

  • We agree to be responsible for, and shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Department of Natural Resources, the State of Maryland and its employees, officers, and agents against and from any and all liability or claim of liability for personal injury, death or property damage (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of the use, occupancy, conduct, operation or management of Park Quest by the State of Maryland Department of Natural Resources or its agents, contractors, servants, employees, licensees, or invitees, even if the injury does not become apparent or does not manifest until after participation in Park Quest activities.