Land Acquisition and Planning

Rural Legacy Program New Area Applicants

New Applications - Where to Begin

Groups that are interested in establishing a new Rural Legacy Area and sponsoring an application should read the Rural Legacy Program Grants Manual and meet with the appropriate RLP Program Administrator to discuss the process.

To download the manual and a package of the new forms, go to the main download page. The full application must be submitted for all newly proposed Rural Legacy areas.

The Forms that New Applicants will need are:

  • Cover Sheet for Rural Legacy Application
  • Executive Summary - Narrative​
    • First part of the Executive Summary
  • Executive Summary - Numbers
    • Second part of the Executive Summary
  • ​ Application Form - Third part of the Executive Summary
  • Proposed Acquisitions
  • Funding Request
  • Rural Legacy Application Check List

Please also follow the GIS Submittal Guidelines​.

    Rural Legacy Program Staff Contacts