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Community Parks and Playgrounds Program

Maryland's Community Parks and Playgrounds Program invests in the future of established communities by developing and revitalizing parks and playgrounds statewide. With the support of the Governor and the Maryland General Assembly, a total of $92.4 million has been approved so far for 882 parks and playground projects for our communities across Maryland.

The Governor's Fiscal Year 2025 budget includes $5 million to fund 30 ​new parks and playgrounds projects. The projects will be presented to the Board of Public Works for final approval.​

New Parks & New Life for Old Parks!​

The Community Parks and Playground Program provides funding to allow the State to focus on restoring existing and creating new park and green space systems in Maryland's cities and towns. The Community Parks and Playgrounds Program will provide flexible grants to local governments to respond to the unmet need for assistance to rehabilitate, expand or improve existing parks, create new parks, develop environmentally oriented parks and recreation projects, or purchase and install playground equipment in older neighborhoods and intensely developed areas throughout the state.

Community Parks and Playgrounds Grants Process

Explains how to apply for financial assistance, including the Grant Proposal Guide and Forms.

Contacts - Who to Call

If you have questions, would like to schedule a site visit, need technical assistance or have general questions about Community Parks and Playgrounds projects, these are the folks to contact.​