Land Acquisition and Planning

Rural Legacy Evaluation Criteria

What criteria are used to evaluate applications?

Rural Legacy Areas are primarily evaluated based on:

  • the significance and extent of agricultural, forestry, natural and cultural resources proposed for protection;
  • the threat to resources from development pressure and landscape changes;
  • the significance of historic and cultural resources proposed for protection; and the
  • economic value of the resource-based industries or services proposed for protection through land conservation, such as agriculture, forestry, tourism and recreation.

Additionally, Rural Legacy applications are evaluated on:

  • their overall quality and completeness;
  • the strength and quality of partnerships created for land conservation;
  • extent of matching funds; and a
  • Sponsor’s ability to carry out the proposed Rural Legacy Plan, as well as the goals and objectives of the Program.
  • Review the ​Scoring Description before completing your application.

How to Apply

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