Land Acquisition and Planning

Unit Staff Contacts

The Department of Natural Resources Land Acquisition and Planning Unit works to advance land conservation and outdoor recreational opportunities in Maryland. The unit includes the following divisions.


Reviews and prioritizes department land acquisitions, oversees the Resident Curatorship Program, and is responsible for trail planning and the preparation of the State’s Land Preservation and Recreation Plan (LPRP), including providing technical assistance to local governments in the preparation of their Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plans (LPPRPs).

Land Conservation

Handles fee simple and easement acquisitions for Program Open Space – Stateside, Rural Legacy, and the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) permanent easement option, and federal grants.

Community Resilience

Administers the Community Parks and Playgrounds Program and Program Open Space – Local which provides financial and technical assistance to local subdivisions for the planning, acquisition, and/or development of recreation land or open space areas.

Property Assets

Provides technical assistance and analysis for real property issues related to land acquisition, maintains all department land records, and manages and processes real property transactions and conveyances involving department lands.

Land Acquisition and Planning Management

Manages the day to day operations of the Land Acquisition and Planning unit and provides vital support functions to the different divisions.