Land Acquisition and Planning

Maryland's Rural Legacy Calendar​

How to Apply

Applications are due in the Rural Legacy Office on the second Tuesday in February by the close of business, 5:00 p.m. New Rural Legacy applicants submit full applications according to the format identified in the Manual and the GIS Submittal Guidelines.​

Rural Legacy Grant Cycle (dates are estimates only)​

February – April
State agencies review annual grant applications. DNR scores applications, prepares consolidated comments, creates scenarios, and presentation summary for the Rural Leagcy Advisory Committee and Rural Legacy Board.

April – May
Rural Le​gacy Advisory Committee and Board review applications, may request presentations from new Sponsors, and may conduct site visits of proposed new Rural Legacy Areas, or those that are proposed for expansion or reduction in size.

June - July
Annual Meeting of the Rural Legacy Advisory Committee. The Chairman presents the Committee’s recommendations and report to the Rural Legacy Board

July - August
Rural Legacy Board reviews recommendations from the Advisory Committee and submits final recommendations to the Board of Public Works.

August - September
Board of Public Works approves grants and Rural Legacy funds are encumbered for the approved areas.

Governor announces Rural Legacy Program Grant Awards​

September - October
Rural Legacy Program prepares Grant Agreements for each Sponsor was awarded funding.​

November - December​​
Rural Legacy Board sends Annual Report to the Maryland General Assembly.

Rural Legacy Program Staff Contacts