Land Acquisition and Planning

Real Estate Agreements - Responsibilities

    1. Consolidation of all real property conveyances into one cohesive unit;
    2. Efficient service and support to park and area managers for all land management units; 
    3. Increased revenue/attainment from real property transactions;
    4. Development of standardized documents to streamline processes and project timelines;
    5. Negotiating, drafting, processing, and administration of all types of real property conveyances to include lease agreements, deeds of easement, rights of entry, licenses, memoranda of understanding; deeds for land exchanges, agency agreements, as well as license agreements, razings, sludge contracts, inventory, etc. Use agreements are handled by the managing agencies.
    6. Development of revised policies and procedures;
    7. Modern database system to track and manage all projects;
    8. Clear direction and continuity of property management functions;
    9. Central location of all real property records and functions; and
    10. Central unit for all real property inquiries and questions (public, tenants, grantees, users as well as department field and headquarters personnel).