Green Ridge State Forest

Scenic View of Green Ridge State ForestContact: 301-478-3124​

Allegany County

28700 Headquarters Drive NE
Flintstone, MD 21530

Office Hours: 7 a.m to 3 p.m​.​ daily​
​You may self-register at the outside Kiosk any time the office is closed for Camping, Shooting Range, and Fuelwood cutting. At this time, we only accept cash or check for payment.​

Welcome to Green Ridge State Forest. At 49,000 acres, Green Ridge is the largest contiguous block of public land in Maryland. Green Ridge is located within the Ridge and Valley Province of the Appalachian Mountains. It is rich in both natural and cultural heritage and remains a “working forest” today as it is managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service to conserve the natural ecological processes while supporting the economy of the region through an active forest management program. The Maryland Forest Service Mission is to restore, manage, and protect Maryland’s trees, forests, and forested ecosystems to sustain our natural resources and connect people to the land.

State Forest regulations are posted in conspicuous locations throughout the forest. Additional information and a brochure of the forest can be obtained by contacting the forest headquarters. Please Leave No Trace.