Green Ridge State Forest


Hunting in Green Ridge State ForestHunting and Trapping Information

Hunting is permitted throughout the 49,000 acres of Green Ridge State Forest except where posted with safety zone signs. The forest boundaries are marked with yellow paint on trees - a yellow bar as you enter the forest and a yellow dot as you exit the forest. Hunting on or crossing private land within or near the State Forest requires the written permission of the landowner. Parking is permitted along roadways, providing that traffic is not blocked. Hunters must have a valid Maryland Hunting License and should refer to the current Hunting & Trapping guide for season dates and specific regulations.

Several access roads are opened every fall to accommodate hunters. These gated roads are opened prior to squirrel season in September and remain open through January 31. Opened roads can be used by all hunters and allow for vehicular traffic. Due to the nature of these roads, the use of four-wheel drive is recommended.

Hunter Safety Classes, required for the purchase of a license, are taught periodically through the Department of Natural Resources. These classes are usually offered in the county at one of the local State Parks.

Trapping is permitted both on land and in the water. A permit can be issued for trapping on the State Forest at the Regional DNR Wildlife Office in Flintstone. Trappers are required to obtain a certificate of trapper education from the Department of Natural Resources. Trapper education courses are held statewide. Refer to the current Hunting & Trapping Guide for complete regulations. A valid hunting license is required when applying for a trapping permit.

Please refer to the Map of Green Ridge State Forest for designated hunting/trapping areas.

The Guide to Hunting & Trapping in Maryland contains the current regulations and seasons for hunting and trapping on Green Ridge State Forest.

Disabled Accessible

Green Ridge State Forest offers over 6 miles of accessible hunting areas. For additional accessible amenities in Maryland State Forests and Parks, visit the Access For All​ section of this website.