Green Ridge State Forest

Recreation - Camping


Primitive camp site in Green Ridge State ForestPrimitive Camping

There are 100 designated primitive campsites dispersed throughout Green Ridge State Forest that are available to visitors throughout the year by permit. Campers must register for the campsite at the Green Ridge Headquarters prior to occupying the site. There is a $10 per night permit fee for camping. There are also 6 group sites available for groups of 20 or more that are available by reservation. Details on group site camping are available at the Green Ridge State Forest headquarters.

Primitive camping has become a rare opportunity as most public and private campgrounds have adopted a more improved and consolidated approach to managing camping facilities. Camping at Green Ridge is a primitive experience in that the sites have a picnic table and a fire ring and no other amenities or plumbing. We urge our visitors to practice the "Leave no Trace" ethic as they enjoy a primitive and remote camping experience. Back Country backpack camping is also permitted within the forest.

Backpack Camping

Backpack camping is also permitted throughout the forest. Backpackers must register at the Green Ridge Headquarters prior to embarking on backpacking adventure by payment ($10/night) and including itinerary with names of all campers. Campfires are permitted except during drought conditions. Leave No Trace guidelines apply to backpack camping as well.

Firewood use on Green Ridge State Forest

Firewood for camping must be purchased from local vendors or gathered on site. Please DO NOT bring personal firewood into the State Forest. A wide variety of forest insect pests are accidentally transported and introduced to new areas by transporting personal firewood between distinct geographic locations. Please keep our forests safe!​

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