Maryland Urban and Community Forest Committee (MUCFC)

​​The Maryland Urban and Community Forest Committee (MUCFC) is a volunteer group of citizens, professionals, and government officials united to protect and enhance Maryland’s forest ecosystems. MUCFC is a sub-committee of the Maryland Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards. The primary functions of the Committee are to promote and coordinate the Maryland Community PLANT Award Program that officially recognizes communities planting and caring for trees, and to administer Grants to schools and communities through their local Forestry Boards that promote planting and care of trees.



  • MUCFC Grants - This grant helps community groups fund tree planting and education projects statewide to enhance Maryland’s urban forest and the projects must be located on public lands in parks, metropolitan areas, cities or towns.
  • NEW MDOT Grants​ - Eligible projects are those that had trees removed as part of construction of a transportation facility project and are affected by heat island or by environmental justice issues. Those areas affected by the Purple Line construction are also eligible. Trees can be replanted on public or private lands.