MARI Partners

  1. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  2. The Coastal Conservation Association Maryland
  3. The Maryland Legislative Sportsman's Foundation
  4. The Maryland Legislative Sportsman's Caucus
  5. The Ocean City Reef Foundation
  6. The Town of Ocean City, MD
  7. The Jack and Susan Power Foundation
  8. Dominion Power
  9. Shell Oil Corporation
  10. British Petroleum Corporation
  11. Honeywell Corporation
  12. The Mitchell Petersen Family Foundation
  13. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  14. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
  15. NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  16. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  17. The U.S. Coast Guard
  18. The Maryland Department of the Environment
  19. The Bay Pilots
  20. The Maryland Aquatic Resources Coalition
  21. The Maryland Board of Public Works
  22. The Oyster Recovery Partnership
  23. The Maryland Coastal Bays Program
  24. The Maryland Environmental Services
  25. The Maryland Charter Boat Association
  26. The Maryland Saltwater Sportsfishermen's Association (MSSA)
  27. Bass Pro Shops
  28. The Chesapeake Guides Association
  29. The Maryland Hydronauts
  30. American Bridge/Edward Kraemer & Sons
  31. Potomac Constructors, LLC.
  32. Nick Caloyianis Productions
  33. The Chesapeake Bay Artificial Reef Coalition
  34. The St. Mary's Charter Boat Association
  35. The Solomons Charter Boat Association
  36. The Southern Maryland Chapter of MSSA
  37. The Solomons Chapter of CCA MD
  38. The Deale Charter Boat Association
  39. The Upper Bay Charter Boat Association
  40. The Annapolis Chapter of MSSA
  41. The NW Chapter of MSSA
  42. The Carroll County Chapter of MSSA
  43. The Kent Narrows Chapter of CCA MD
  44. The Kent Island Chapter of MSSA
  45. The Perry Hall Chapter of MSSA
  46. The Dorchester County Chapter of MSSA
  47. The Annapolis Chapter of CCA MD
  48. The Deale Island Charter Boat Association
  49. The Somerset County Charter Boat Association
  50. The Atlantic Coast Chapter of MSSA
  51. The Greater Washington D.C. Chapter of CCA
  52. Aqua Ventures Dive Shop, Cockeysville, MD
  53. The Boat Yard Bar & Grill, Eastport, Annapolis, MD
  54. Stoney's Kingfishers of Solomons, MD
  55. Pasadena Sport Fishing Group (PSG)
  56. Marinetiks Inc.
  57. The Maryland Bass Federation Nation
  58. Chesapeake Bay Middle School
  59. The Maryland Angler's Network
  60. Severn River Association
  61. SRRK Angler's Group
  62. Potomac River Fisheries Commission
  63. New York Transit Authority
  64. Ocean City Marlin Club
  65. National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS)
  66. ARGO Corporation
  67. Building Conservation Trust​
  68. Exelon Corporation​