Urieville Lake

Located in Kent County

Physical/Habitat Descriptions - Urieville Lake is about 35 acres in size and is shaped like the letter Y. The average depth is about 3 ft. Dense mats of aquatic vegetation cover the lake throughout the summer months making boating and fishing very difficult. Usually, the only open water in the summer season is adjacent to the dam. The spillway below the dam in Morgan Creek creates a unique habitat and is a popular place for anglers during the spring fishing season.

Fish Species - Urieville Lake supports a standard bass/bluegill fishery and is managed accordingly. Anglers may also occasionally catch other species including pumpkinseed sunfish, brown bullhead catfish, golden shiners and common carp.

Restrictions - There is no horsepower limitation on the lake, however, the maximum speed limit is 6 knots. Camping and swimming are not permitted.

History - Urieville Lake was created around 1956. Three unnamed tributaries empty into the lake which flows into Morgan Creek, a tributary to the Chester River. Extensive siltation has occurred to the lake along with severe aquatic vegetation infestation. The lake was drained in 1998 in an attempt to control the vegetation, but due to sediment transport, the lake could not be drained and left to dry out.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Fishing and Boating Services, Freshwater Fisheries Division, owns and manages the lake to provide a public angling resource. Fiscal resources for this work and maintenance of the grounds comes from fishing license sales and the Federal Aid and Restoration Fund (Dingell-Johnson Act).​

Contact Us - Any questions, comments or suggestions about the fisheries management on Urieville Lake can be directed to:

Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Fishing and Boating Services
Unicorn Lake Fish Hatchery
110 Fishing Lake Lane, Millington, MD. 21651
Phone 410-928-3643 or customerservice.dnr@maryland.gov​​​