Clopper Lake

Located in Baltimore County

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Clopper Lake

Physical/Habitat Description - Clopper Lake is a 90 acre impoundment with an average depth of 18 feet and several shallow coves. The Lake has abundant submerged aquatic vegetation dominated by spiny naiad that can become quite dense during the summer and early fall months. Tree downfalls and beaver huts provide habitat in some areas of the Lake for crappie, sunfish, carp and largemouth bass.

Fish Species - Clopper Lake has typically supported a high abundance of relatively small bass. However, the last survey, conducted in 2022, showed an abundance of largemouth bass in good physical condition with a desirable proportion of bass >12 inches. Recruitment has been variable resulting in large fluctuations in the catch of juvenile bass between 8 and 12 inches. Tiger muskie fingerlings, a hybrid cross of northern pike and muskellunge, have been stocked into Clopper Lake. Although fisheries surveys have not yet turned up a tiger muskie, reports from anglers of catching tiger muskies have suggested there was some success with tiger muskie survival in Clopper Lake. Channel catfish have been stocked into Clopper Lake and anglers may find some large "cats" prowling for prey. Quality size redear sunfish as well as bluegill and pumpkinseed sunfish are also available for the creel. Black crappie round out the list of popular fish species available to anglers. Other species found in Clopper Lake are brown bullheads and common carp.

Clopper Lake Largemouth Bass Population Metrics from 2022 Electrofishing Surveys (18 sites).
Number of fish observed during study
Population Size Distribution (PSD - proportion of bass greater than 8 inches that are also greater than 12 inches)
Bass per hour between 8-12 inches
Bass per hour greater than 12 inches
Bass per hour greater than 15 inches
Relative Weight (Wr)

Clopper Lake Fish Species
Common Name
Scientific Name
Largemouth bass
Micropterus salmoides
Lepomis macrochirus
Common carp
Cyprinus carpio
Green sunfish
Lepomis cyanellus
Black crappie
Pomoxis nigromaculatus
Golden shiner
Notemigonus crysoleucas
Redear sunfish
Lepomis microlophus
Brown bullhead
Ameirus nebulosus
Yellow perch
Perca flavenscens

Access/Restrictions - Consult your Maryland Guide to Fishing and Crabbing for length and possession limits on black bass, sunfish, crappie, catfish and tiger muskies. There is a statewide closed season on black bass in nontidal Maryland waters from March 1 through June 15. Catch-and-return angling for largemouth bass is permitted during the closure.

Seneca Creek State Park closes daily at sunset. To find out when it opens, call the State Park (see below). A daily use park fee is required to enter the park. There is a self-launch kayak and canoe ramp accessible from Seneca Creek Road. The Clopper Lake Boat Center offers a variety of vessels that may be rented hourly or daily. The Boat Center is open from May through Labor Day.

History - Clopper Lake is a 90-acre impoundment on Long Draught Branch within Seneca Creek State Park. The dam was built in 1975 for recreation and flood control. Prior to 1986, statewide black bass regulations applied to Clopper Lake. From 1986 through 1997, Clopper Lake largemouth bass were managed under a 10-inch minimum size regulation as a result of an over-abundance of small bass. The intent of the regulation was for anglers to reduce the number of small bass. Harvest of the small bass would reduce competition and increase growth rates among the remaining bass. Unfortunately, fishing pressure was relatively low and catch-and-return black bass fishing had become popular among bass anglers. The thought of harvesting small bass was not popular even if it could improve the bass population in Clopper Lake. In 1998, the black bass regulation in Clopper Lake was changed back to statewide regulations (5 bass/day, >12 inches).


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