Casselman River Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Area

Located in Garrett County


Physical/ Habitat Description - The Casselman River is a fairly wide stream, and has quite a variety of habitat types. Anglers will find long productive riffle sections, deep runs, large deep holes, and even some pocket water. The streambed consists of mainly cobble-size stone, and wading is a bit easier than compared to other Western Maryland rivers. Natural flows can fluctuate especially during the spring, so please check for flow conditions. Flows less than 150 cubic foot per second (cfs) are considered good fishing flows.

Fish Species - The trout fishery in the Casselman River Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Area is managed using adult hatchery brown and rainbow trout stocked each spring and fall. Many of these trout are truly trophy size, many of which are greater than 5 pounds! The Nemacolin Chapter of Trout Unlimited assists with float-stocking the stream, providing good fishing throughout the Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Area.

Restrictions - The Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Area management scheme includes a Catch and Release Season from October 1 through June 15 when anglers may use Artificial Lures or Flies Only. Anglers may harvest five trout per day from June 16 through September 30 and there are no bait or tackle restrictions. Please consult the Maryland Guide to Fishing and Crabbing for complete details.

History - George Washington crossed the Casselman River (named after an early western Pennsylvania settler) in 1755 with General Braddock's British troops near present day Grantsville. The first Amish and Mennonite settlers in Garrett County established homesteads along the Casselman River, and horse-drawn buggies and wagons are still a common sight along the Casselman River today. Coal was discovered in the watershed during the 1800's, the subsequent acid mine drainage into the river eliminated most of it's aquatic life. Through the efforts of abandoned mine reclamation, the river has been reborn and now supports a diverse fish and macroinvertebrate community. Recreational trout management in the Casselman River was initiated in 1989 and has become one of Maryland's most popular trout fishing destinations.

Contact Us - Comments and questions regarding fishing in the Casselman River can be directed to:

Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Fishing and Boating Services
1728 King's Run Road,
Oakland, MD 21550