Coastal Bays Fisheries Investigation

The Coastal Bays Fisheries Investigation is funded by a US Fish and Wildlife Service Sport Fish Restoration grant and is comprised of three activities:

  1. Trawl and Beach Seine Survey;​
  2. Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Habitat Survey

Biologist in the water with a Beach Seine ​​

These surveys were developed to characterize fishes and their abundances in Maryland's Coastal Bays, facilitate management decisions, and protect finfish habitats. The Coastal Fisheries Program has conducted the Trawl and Beach Seine Survey in Maryland's Coastal Bays since 1972, sampling with a standardized protocol since 1989. These gears target finfish although bycatch of crustaceans, mollusks, sponges, and macroalgae are common. Over 130 adult and juvenile species of fishes, 26 mollusks, and 11 macroalgae have been collected since 1972. Data from these surveys are used in state and federal compliance reports, stock assessments, and university studies. More information about these surveys are located in our publications section​.

Data Request procedure

Coastal Bays Fisheries Investigation data can be requested from Craig Weedon (​).​ ​