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Maryland Muskie Program


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2020-2021 Potomac River Muskellunge Project information​
(This program has been extended to December 31, 2021)


The muskellunge, also known as “muskie” for short is one of the top trophy fish for many anglers.  These massive freshwater fish can live for over 20 years and grow to more than 50 inches long. It’s famous for not only being elusive but difficult to catch and many in the angling community regard this freshwater beast as “the fish of ten thousand casts.”

Muskies have become a naturalized sportfish in Maryland with the only population existing in the freshwater Potomac River. This is where you can find a team of biologists who are dedicated to managing this species and anglers that successfully keep the tradition of muskie fishing alive.

Read about the 2020 Volunteer Angler Survey Summary here.​

Muskie1.JPG   Muskie2.JPG

two examples of radio transmitter fish >1 year after transmitter implant 
that show these fish are fat and happy

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