Manokin River Restoration

The Manokin River was recommended as the fifth large-scale tributary for oyster restoration in Maryland waters in September 2018. The Fisheries Goal Implementation Team accepted it as the fifth large-scale tributary for restoration in June 2019. Currently, a draft blueprint is being written with potential restoration areas and treatments.

Steps towards Restoration

  1. Side scan sonar bottom survey – potential bottom suitable for restoration
  2. Determine the acreage of currently restorable oyster habitat – 584 acres
  3. Oyster patent tong groundtruth survey
    Determine acreages that are:
    • premet- already meets density and biomass target, thus no restoration planned;
    • suitable for seed only construction; and
    • suitable for substrate & seed construction
    • Develop a draft blueprint (plan) for restoring the sanctuary
  4. Consulting scientists review draft blueprint
  5. Public comment on draft blueprint
  6. Define the restoration goal (target acreage)
  7. Finalize blueprint, obtain substrate planting permits, and implementation

​Currently Restorable Oyster Habitat