Myrtle Grove Lake

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Myrtle Grove

Descriptions/characteristics - Located in western-central Charles County, Myrtle Grove Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is managed by Maryland DNR Wildlife and Heritage Service. Primarily managed for wildlife and hunting, Myrtle Grove also offers other opportunities for visitors. Licensed fishermen may fish in the waters found throughout the property. Myrtle Grove also offers a firearm shooting range. Non-hunting visitors are also welcome within the WMA. For additional information, guests may contact the Myrtle Grove Work Center at (301) 743-5161.

Watershed - Myrtle Grove WMA is made up of mature upland and bottomland forests consisting of primarily hardwood species, seasonally planted wildlife food plots, and wetland habitats. Several bodies of water on the properties include a 23-acre lake, a 10-acre pond (formerly a quarry), several small ponds (some of which are only seasonally watered) and the mainstem of Mattawoman Creek and its tributaries. There are also 2 green-tree reservoirs that are seasonally flooded to attract waterfowl.

Water quality and trophic status - The water quality within Myrtle Grove WMA is typical of a southern Maryland watershed. The watershed is eutrophic, which in turn feeds the abundant plant life, invertebrates, and fish that call Myrtle Grove home. Oddly enough, a few of the stocked rainbow trout have been found in the hot months of summer. There appears to be a cool water spring around the middle of the 23-acre lake that supplies enough cool/cold water to support the trout for a while.
No studies have been conducted to determine the volume of the spring or the number of trout that it can support through the summer months.

Macrophytes - Two aquatic plants have been documented in the 23-acre lake at Myrtle Grove, American lotus (Nelumbo lutea), a native flowering emergent plant and an invasive species, Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata). The densities of each of these plants sometimes make it difficult for fishing by late summer and fall.

Managed Fish Species - The fish populations at Myrtle Grove are managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Freshwater Fisheries and Hatcheries Division. Fishermen can expect to find largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, black crappie and warmouth in the 23-acre lake. Hatchery rainbow trout are stocked every spring and fall for fishermen to harvest as part of the Put and Take Trout Stocking Program. Anglers can expect most of the same species in the other ponds at Myrtle Grove. Northern snakehead are also encountered in the ponds that are influenced by flooding of Mattawoman Creek. It is requested that anglers remove this invasive species from the watershed if caught.

Access/Restrictions - There are 4460 acres, divided among the original Myrtle Grove tract and the Pomfret tract properties. The main property is accessible from Route 225, approximately 5 miles west of LaPlata. There are other access points along Bumpy Oak Road. Maps are available through the Myrtle Grove Wildlife Management Area link above. All fishing at Mrytle Grove WMA is subject to Maryland statewide nontidal fishing regulations. A small, dirt launch is available.