Resources for Educators

​​This is a list of resources that Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers for educators. They include student activities, in-class presentations, educator professional development opportunities, and outdoor education opportunities for people of all ages.​

Key Goal of Program​
collapse Category : Chesapeake Bay ‎(1)
Eyes on the BayMark Trice 410-260-8649Grades 8 - Adult
View real-time data on Chesapeake Bay conditions. Includes lesson plans to support use of the website.
collapse Category : Fisheries ‎(1)
Hooked on FishingChelsea Miller 410-260-8705Ages 8-15
Teach fishing & conservation ethic
collapse Category : Forestry ‎(4)
Arbor Day CurriculumEducators, 3rd graders
Project Learning Tree410-822-4903Educators
Understanding of forestry concepts.
School Forests410-260-8589K-12
Establish school forests for study & environmental benefit
TREE-Mendous MarylandAnne Gilbert 410-260-8510Adults
Tree planting skills
collapse Category : Geology ‎(1)
Maryland GeologyDale Shelton 410-554-5505K-12
Teaching of the wonderful and varied geology of Maryland.
collapse Category : Hunter & Boater Safety ‎(2)
Boater Safety EducationAll Ages
​Environmentally responsible boating behavior
Hunter Safety EducationAll Ages
Safe hunting behavior - required by law
collapse Category : Other ‎(2)
Trains high school students in forestry, wildlife and aquatics issues.
Natural Resources MagazineGregg Bortz 410-260-8001All Ages
Information about DNR’s various programs, hot topics, calendar of events, DNR @ Work, and a Natural Education
collapse Category : State Parks ‎(4)
Junior RangersK-12 (ages 7-14)
Understanding & appreciation of natural resources at State Parks.
Leave No TraceAll Ages
Teaches stewardship and outdoor ethics through minimum impact recreation.
Park Naturalist ProgramsK-12 Adult
Understanding & appreciation of natural resources at State Parks.
Scales & TalesK-12, Adult
Understanding & appreciation for wildlife and stewardship of natural resources
collapse Category : Watershed Education ‎(7)
Aquatic Resources Education​Grades K-12, Educators, Non-profits
​Aquatic Education
Check-UpGrades 6-12, Educators
​Guide on how to assess the natural resource use in your school (waste, water, and energy).
Green Eggs and SandGrades 6-12
​Introduction to the biology, history, ecology, and management of horseshoe crabs. Hands-on activities.
Project WETEducators
​Promote teaching of water-related issues.
Storm Drain StencilingChelsea Miller 410-260-8705Educators
​Promote teaching of water-related issues.
Sunfish and StudentsGrades 4-12, Educators
Raise sunfish in the classroom and release.
Trout in the ClassroomChristine Hintz 410-260-8809K-12
Raise trout from eggs to fingerlings and then release them into a state-approved cold water stream or lake.
collapse Category : Wildlife ‎(9)
Education TrunksSarah Witcher 410-260-8566Educators
Bring the outside into your classroom with these unique hands-on, interdisciplinary teaching tools.
Growing Up WILDSarah Witcher 410-260-8566Educators
Early childhood professional development workshop designed to teach children how to explore nature and learn about wildlife.
Junior Hunter Certificate ProgramChris Markin  410-260-8587Youth
The Maryland DNR- Wildlife & Heritage Service will provide Junior Hunters (age 16 and under) with a free certificate commemorating their deer, turkey, or bear taken during the current hunting seasons
Junior Hunter DaysChris Markin  410-260-8587Ages 16 or younger
Safe hunting behavior.
Junior Hunter Field DaysChris Markin  410-260-8587Youth
Under the guidance of wildlife professionals, Junior Hunter Field Days provide safe, enjoyable, and hands-on opportunities for young people to learn about hunting, trapping and its important role in Maryland’s wildlife conservation. All equipment is provided.
National Archery in the SchoolsAshley Moreland 301-777-2136Youth
Students are taught how modern archery equipment works, shooting techniques, steps to archery success, and how to improve their skills
National Hunting & Fishing DayChris Markin  410-260-8587Families, Adults & Children
The day’s activities are designed to get individuals and families outdoors and acquaint them with the areas unique natural resources, to promote traditional outdoor sports and conservation.
Project WILDSarah Witcher 410-260-8566Educators
K-12 professional development workshop focused on connecting wildlife and conservation to school curricula.
Wild AcresSarah Witcher 410-260-8566Adults
Promote creating backyard habitat.
collapse Category : Wildlife & Heritage ‎(2)
Becoming An Outdoors WomanKarina Stonesifer 301-777-2136Adults
Experience outdoors; learn recreational skills.
Master NaturalistPaula Becker (410) 260-8568Volunteers
Participate in hands-on natural history classes and fieldwork for volunteer naturalists.