Critical Area Commission Project Submission Portal

Welcome to the Critical Area Commission's new project submittal portal!

The link below will direct you to the Critical Area Commission’s submission portal which allows local jurisdictions, state agencies, and federal agencies to submit all projects and program amendments requiring review, comment or approval by the Critical Area Commission. This portal replaces the​ current process of submitting projects and program amendments by email to the Commission administrative staff. ​Any reports or documentation related to a Critical Area Program grant must still be submitted using this email address an​d not this portal: ​

Effective January 3rd, 2023, to submit your project or program amendment, click the link below, enter your jurisdiction or agency’s unique pass code, and use the web form to enter your project or program information and upload any attachments (i.e., site plans, consistency report forms, conditional approval forms, etc.).

Portal Link

Portal Access: Only authorized accounts may submit to the Commission's access portal. If you do not have an authorized account please contact your assigned Critical Area Commission planner to start the process. Please note, local projects may ONLY be submitted by a staff member of a local jurisdiction. If you are a contractor working with a State or Federal Agency, please consult with your State or Federal Agency contact prior to contacting the Commission. Please see the video below for instructions on completing the submission form. Thank you.

Training Video


If you have any questions, please contact Bob Cicconetti at or at (410) 260-3460.