Free Fishing

​Options for fishing in Maryland without a fishing license

Normally a license is required to Fish in Maryland but there are a few exceptions to this requirement.Youth with Bass

  1. The first option is there are specific areas in Maryland that are designated License Free Fishing Areas throughout the tidal portions of the Chesapeake Bay and one nontidal location. You are required to observe all fishing laws and regulations. A free MD/PRFC angler registration is also required for anglers fishing without a license in designated tidal license free fishing areas, you may register online. You can see a list of license free locations on the following page: License Free Fishing Areas

  2. The second option is that Maryland hosts Free Fishing Days. During a free fishing day, a person may catch and possess finfish in the tidal and nontidal waters of the State for recreational purposes without an angler's license, Chesapeake Bay sportfishing license, or any fishing stamp normally required by the State, but shall otherwise observe all fishing laws and regulations. Maryland's free fishing days are the first two Saturdays in June and July 4.Youth with fish

  3. Lastly, all those folks under 16 years of age are allowed to fish without a license.