MWDI Education and Outreach

More than 1,500 youth have been involved with field trips and box assembly events being our most popular programs. .

Will Jeffrey, 2006 Summer Intern, St. James High SchoolMWDI Provides a Unique Educational Experience

MWDI's field activities and focus are especially well suited to deliver a unique educational experience if we can develop and package it appropriately. Learning components can be quite diverse encompassing box building, field installation / habitat study, nest monitoring and overall wetland experiences, various types of research, journalism and other external affairs activities.

We have a "product" that should appeal to all age groups available in all seasons in large and small packages. We can customize educational projects to meet anyone's needs or niche. With time, we hope to have much to report in this regard if our theme, "A Total Wetland Experience" is to have real meaning.

We are seeking to identify all educational programs in Maryland where wood ducks are involved and where other wildlife/wetland education programs may be suited to incorporate a wood duck component. We will recognize these programs in due course to increase awareness and to facilitate new program creation.