Field Guide to Maryland's Turtles (Order Testudines)

Yellow-bellied Slider (Trachemys scripta scripta)

Common Name:

​Yellow-bellied Slider

Yellow belledSlider on a log
​Yellow-bellied Slider photo by John White

Size: 5 - 8 inches; record 11 ⅞ inches

  • The yellow-bellied slider has yellow head blotches and vertical yellow bars on the carapace. The head markings can become hard to distinguish on older males.
  • Has round, dark splotches on the underside of the marginals (scales on the edges of the shell).
  • Has vertical stripes on the back of the hindlimbs resembling “striped pants”.


Traditionally found in rivers, ditches, and lakes.

How to Find:

This is an introduced species. Please report any suspected findings to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Please include a photograph and location of find.

Distribution in Maryland:

Introduced species.​