Nest Box Building

Wood Duck Nest Box Design & Assembly Directions
Side door opening design for easy access & mounting

Wood Duck Nest Box Assembly Instructions

There are numerous ways and preferences to build nesting boxes which are available on the internet. For programs that do not actively band wood ducks, MWDI prefers the side door opening because it allows the box to be placed at lower heights and facilitates inspections & monitoring by removing the need for step ladders in most land and water placement scenarios. The 10” wide box (versus the more traditional 12”) has also proven to be well liked by wood ducks. It is cheaper, lighter to handle and wobbles less than heavier versions when mounted on metal street sign poles.

MWDI does not sell boxes but it does facilitate their very cost effective procurement and construction as well as assembly by periodically coordinating the paid labor (by high school or college kids) necessary to provide a finished product.

Small boy finishing wood duck boxFor example, MWDI aggregates its public box lumber needs with private programs to help obtain the best wholesale price for cedar or cypress lumber, usually in mid-summer. Private orders are prepaid. MWDI picks up the lumber, cuts it into box kits and then either distributes the kits for final assembly by private program sponsors or arranges to have it made into boxes.

Lumber, including shipping, for one box cost $32.50 in 2016. The unassembled box kit cost $38.00. The assembled boxe including all the screws, glue, nails and ladder cost $45.00. Delivery is by mutual convenience or buyer must pickup in Annapolis, certain Eastern Shore locations or Washington, DC.  Watch for notices of future box ordering plans or notify MWDI at any time of your interest. A specific final quote is provided before final approval and payment is expected.