The Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Maryland (CBNERR-MD or the Reserve) encompasses over 6,000 acres of intact forest, forested wetlands and tidal marsh habitat along the Chesapeake Bay. The stewardship program seeks to preserve these sites and promote environmental awareness through management and restoration projects and through volunteer monitoring programs conducted within the Reserve and its watershed.

Stewardship activities at CBNERR-MD are designed to demonstrate best management practices that other resource professionals, local decision-makers, and the general public can apply in their own communities.

The Stewardship program is integrated with both the research and education programs. Its activities focus on monitoring the flora and fauna and managing the natural resources at each component.

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Restoration is a human induced process that speeds up the recovery of natural systems.  While all of our sites appear pristine, most could benefit from some type of restoration.  Want to learn more about restoration?


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Get Involved

Volunteers are the backbone of many Reserve programs and projects, keeping them staffed and functioning. Volunteers work in all aspects of the Reserve. If you have an interest, we can find a volunteer opportunity for you.​​​